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The Asil Aerospace Story

John Demerjian got his start in the precision machining industry when he was 12 years old – and he was a natural.  At age 23 he came to the United States seeking a new life and new opportunities.  He found them in a mold and die shop in Chicago and, after a few years, moved to California.  After several more years honing his skills as a master machinist, John started Asil Aerospace in North Hollywood in 1985.  The business grew and prospered and needed more space, so he moved Asil to a modern, 13,000-square-foot facility in Chatsworth in 1997.  John passed away in 2023.  Visit his memorial page.
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We are committed to delivering the best possible customer experience, with quality and reliability second to none.

Asil Aerospace today is an AS9100/ISO 9001-certified and woman-owned and operated manufacturing powerhouse with a wide variety of manufacturing services including CNC machining, CNC sheet metal fabrication, welding, vacuum forming, injection molding, foam urethane casting, and more.  We offer full-service manufacturing which includes: engineering and reverse engineering services, full assembly and kitting, processing, inventory services for JIT shipments, and a level of personal service you rarely find in the manufacturing world.  We produce parts from aluminum to titanium, from plastics, and composites to honeycomb panels.  If it can be machined, bent, punched, or formed, Asil Aerospace has a cost-effective, top-quality manufacturing solution for you.

Quality is the highest priority at Asil Aerospace and informs everything we do.  Here at Asil, we take pride in the products we make, and our entire team is committed to delivering the best possible customer experience with quality and reliability second to none.

Asil Aerospace is your best choice for precision manufacturing. We're woman-owned and operated, with nearly 40 years in the business. Contact us today.


What's New at Asil Aerospace

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Asil Receives AS9100 & ISO 9001 Re-Certification

October 2022

Asil Aerospace is pleased to announce our re-certification to the quality management standards AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015. This comprehensive standard is designed for the aviation, space, and defense industries and covers nearly every aspect of our operations. AS9100D builds on previous versions of the standard with an emphasis on Product Safety, Counterfeit Parts Prevention, Risk Management in Operation Processes, Individual Contributions to Product Quality and Safety, and Business Ethics.

Our certification to AS9100 & ISO 9001 involves the entire Asil Aerospace team as we continue to work diligently to improve our processes and refine our management systems. Over the years we have achieved a reputation for excellence in the precision machining industry with a commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience, with quality and reliability second to none. When you choose Asil Aerospace you get decades of metal fabrication expertise and a team with the dedication and resources to deliver your parts to print and on time.

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Two New CNC Vertical Machining Centers

January 2016

Asil Aerospace has purchased two new Akira-Seiki CNC Vertical Machining Centers, significantly increasing our overall CNC machining capacity. Our new Akira-Seiki Performa SR3 XP VMC features CNC machining with a 30” x 16” x 18” xyz capacity, 20 tools and an 11,000-rpm spindle. Our new Akira-Seiki Performa V2.5 is a CNC machine with a 30” x 17” x 21” xyz capacity, 28 tools and a 9,000-rpm spindle. Both of these state-of-the-art machine tools are built to handle the toughest materials while delivering superior dimensional accuracy and surface finishes.

These new machine tools offer our customers a powerful, multi-axis precision-machining solution that translates directly into shorter delivery times and even better quality and reliability. When it comes to cutting-edge machining technology at very competitive prices, Asil Aerospace has you covered.

Asil Aerospace offers the latest in manufacturing technology.

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