In Memoriam:

John Demerjian
1953 - 2023

John Demerjian was born in Syria in 1953.  He started in the precision machining industry when he was just 12 years old and found he had a natural talent for all things mechanical.  Eleven years later, at age 23, he emigrated to the United States seeking a new life and new opportunities.  He found both in Chicago where he got a job in a mold and die shop, and met his future wife.  The new couple worked hard and prospered and moved to California in 1983.  The following year they welcomed their daughter, Lisa, into the world.

In 1985, with the precision machining knowledge and expertise gained from 20 years in the business, John opened Asil Tool Company in North Hollywood, California.  John and his wife worked side by side to build and grow the new business, moving to expanded facilities in Chatsworth in 1997.  Now called Asil Aerospace, the company continued to thrive.

Lisa Demerjian joined the company in 2002 at 18 years old.  Born and raised in the world of precision manufacturing, she already had a pretty good idea of how things worked.  She continued learning the ropes with hands-on experience on the shop floor with her dad, and in the office with her mom.  Like her dad had discovered years before, Lisa found her own natural talent and she's been honing her skills in both manufacturing and business management ever since.

When John passed away in 2023, Lisa took the reins of the business with a 40-year history of success and innovation.  Today, the future at Asil Aerospace is assured with a family legacy of quality and integrity built on decades of precision manufacturing excellence.  With every part we ship at Asil, we offer a testament to the hard work and perseverance of John Demerjian.  He left an indelible mark on the Southern California aerospace industry, and he'll remain forever in our hearts.

bob and vera watson

John and Lisa in the office at Asil Tool Company in North Hollywood, California, circa 1985.

bob and vera watson
bob and vera watson

Three generations of precision manufacturers on the shop floor at Asil Aerospace.